Camping and mobile home holidays in Picardy, northeast France. Picardy is one of the quieter regions of France but has plenty of history,
the Battle of Crecy at Crecy-en-Ponthieu and Battle of the Somme.
Our campsites in Picardy are Domaine de Drancourt, la Bien Assise, Camping la Dune Blanche

Picardy is another region of France which deserves a far better share of camping holiday visitors than it has at present. It is one of the quieter regions of France, but as with the next door Pas-de-Calais region, it has a great deal to offer the holidaymaker.

Perhaps you could take a peek at the Forest de Crecy which lies slightly northeast of St Valery, a huge forested area just to the north of Abbeville, but someone mentioned that the locals are still a tad touchy about the battle near there on 26th August 1346 which didn’t exactly go their way. Don’t mention the war, Pikey!

Who would have thought that a little place like Guines, virtually in the middle of nowhere, would turn out to be so popular with British visitors taking their camping holidays?

Picardy has beaches but fewer than Normandy or Brittany, and the climate is not dissimilar to the south of England, so we must assume that you camping or mobile home holiday to this area is not just for getting a sun tan, but more for walking, cycling and seeking out things historical.

The Picardy region is made up of three distinct departments in the Somme, of which the capital is Amiens; Oise and its capital Beauvais, and thirdly Aisne with the capital being Laon.

There are camping resorts inland here of course, and there are some in and around the major seaside resort of St Valery-sur-Somme (St Valery) which lies near to the mouth of this mighty river.