Camping and mobile home holidays in the Jura mountain range, Franche Comte, can be a magical experience for walking, cycling, mountain bike holidays as well as being a delight for bird watchers and nature lovers. The Plaine Jurassienne borders Burgundy to the west andSwitzerland to the East.

We are mainly concerned with camping and mobile home holidays in the French part of the Jura mountain range. Apparently, the name of this region is derived from the Jurassic period in our geological timescale, but this is not the prime reason why visitors flock here in the summer for their camping holidays.

In France, the Jura covers most of the Franche-Comte region, and stretches south into in the Rhone-Alpes region, also sharing borders with Burgundy, Lorraine, Champagne, Alsace and Switzerland. Approximately 1,600 square kilometres of the mountain range in France is protected by the Jura Mountains Regional Natural Park.

The Jura is an area rich in woodland, lakes and waterfalls and is one of the least known little gems in France. It has spectacular views, dense and rather magical forests and mountains made for any season of the year, so all this makes the southern part of the region a paradise for skiing, mountain biking, walking and hiking.

In the north it is a more gentle terrain with rolling meadows and vineyards just waiting to be visited, but wherever you choose to stay, camping in the Jura is the best way to experience the natural wonders of the region.

In addition to camping and mobile home holidays the Jura mountain range offers the variety of tourist activities mentioned above as well as wildlife spotting, and being a birdwatcher’s dream place, skiing and cross-country skiing (in season). There are many posted trails including the Jura ridgeway, a 310 km hiking route, though we think this is a tad extreme for a camping holiday!

Tourist attractions in the Jura include natural features such as the Creux du Van, lookout peaks such as the Chasseral, caves such as the Grottes de l’Orbe, and gorges such as Taubenloch.

We are sure you will enjoy your camping holiday in the Jura so much that you will want to return sometime soon.