Camping and mobile home holidays in the French Alpes in southern central France bordering Switzerland and Italy. You can visit Lake Annecy, the 2nd largest lake in the whole of France, a spectacular place which is ideal for watersports, walking, cycling and exploring the mountains.

Camping and/or mobile home holidays in the French Alps: that magnificent range of mountains in southern central France, and which adjoin Switzerland and the Swiss Alps as well as the Italian Alps a little further south. The Alps span other countries as well as France, Italy and Switzerland though: Monaco, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany and Slovenia.

The Alps are a delight for walkers and climbers and for holidays around the lake shores, all of which has made them popular with the energetic people who want to combine their activities with camping and mobile home holidays.

The French Alps boast 24 peaks over 4,000 metres of altitude. The highest point is located in the Mont Blanc, France, with 4,810 metres.

Of course, all this territory is winter skiing country but in summer time is given over to camping and mobile home holidays.

The French Alps region is supposed to be the third most visited part of France, but that is because it receives so many skiers in the winter season. The season we are interested in is the summer when holidaymakers go there for walking and cycling, enjoying the mountains, the gorges and the scenery in general while they have a camping holiday base to return to at the end of the day.

We have more pages devoted to camping holidays in the French Alps but these are devoted to camping resorts rather than being a general overview as this one is.