Camping and mobile home holidays in the Dordogne department of Aquitaine are a delight for walkers,
cyclists and those who love peace and quiet. The Dordogne is landlocked so there are no beaches but there are
masses of ancient villages and masses of chateaux for you to investigate.

The Dordogne, or Perigueux region of France is the northernmost department of Aquitaine. It is landlocked so you won’t be going there for a beach holiday, but luxury camping and mobile home holidays here are becoming more popular by the year, in fact, this is one of the most visited departments of France.

The most famous town in all the Dordogne is Sarlat which is a “must visit” whenever you come to France.

The Dordogne may not have the seaside but it does have the river Dordogne running through it on its way to join the much larger river Gironde before meeting the sea at the north end of Aquitaine and Royan in Charente-Maritime.

Luxury camping holidays here are both scenic and tranquil, and if you have a love of the outdoors, scenery, walking and/or cycling with lots and lots of peace and quiet thrown in for good measure then this is the place for you.

As you begin your camping holidays in the Dordogne you will soon see why this is called Little England as it is the part of France which is most populated by the British, some of whom have retired there for the climate and the laid back way of life, and some who just wanted to move somewhere nice out of England.

That being the case, we know that you will face little in the way of a language barrier when you holiday in the Dordogne.