This French island in the sun offers wonderful camping and mobile home holidays. Corsica has such geographical diversity as, within minutes, the landscape changes from glittering bays,coastal cities and fabulous beaches to peaks, breathtaking valleys, dense forests and hilltop villages.

Corsica, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea is one of the 13 regions of France. It is located west of the Italian Peninsula, southeast of the French mainland, and north of the Italian island of Sardinia. A single chain of mountains make up two-thirds of the island. The island is now popular for luxury camping and mobile home holidays.

Activities on Corsica

Corsica has over 1,000 km of coastline – or just over 600 miles – and most of it is home to crystal clear waters, vast fine sandy beaches, small deserted creeks and granite cliffs inhabited by sea birds. In short, the island offers a unique variety of marine landscapes and even in high season there are deserted creeks and inlets in which to dive, fish or simply swim. Corsica is unarguably a paradise for enthusiasts of sea and water sports.
There are boats for hire here, small boats, large boats and sizes in between though the large ones require you to have a licence of competence before you are allowed to hire.

Anyone can have great fun sitting in a rubber ring and being towed at speed by a motorboat. One boat usually tows three or four rings at the same time and it really is an exhilarating ride.
Body boarding here is also fun and if you havenn’t tried that before then you would never have believed the speed that the waves bring you into shore. Proper surfing isn’t too popular here in the Med because the tides are so low and unable to generate the large rollers needed for a good ride. If you want surfing then you are better off on the south west coast of France where 5 metre rollers are commonplace.
Diving centres and shops are littered all over the island so if you have a certificate you can dive alone (safer with a buddy though) or if you are a beginner you can go to classes and get your certificate that way. Being well out in the Mediterranean Sea is far better than diving from the shores of southern France as you are immediately cast into a world of crystal clear sea with all sorts of coloured fish and marine creatures literally within reach.
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