Campervan and motorhome holidays in the United Kingdom are always great fun for families and couples alike.

More and more people are discovering the absolute freedom which can be achieved when hiring a campervan, motorhome or RV when taking their holidays in the UK or for a Festival somewhere for a few days.

Sadly though, because of the expense involved in buying a campervan or motorhome there are always more cutomers than there are vehicles, so it pays make your mind up as to the type of vehicle you and your family need and then book early to avoid disappointment.

Altogether then, we have 30 campervan and motorhome hire depots in England, 3 in Northern Ireland, 7 in Scotland and 1 in Wales. In the larger cities we are able to provide hire pickups either in that city or at that city airport, as in Manchester as a pickup venue and/or Manchester Airport. Drop off depots are similar in number.

We are able to cover most of the UK with our motorhome hire depots as you will see below but there are 7 major depots in Edinburgh, Greater London, London Heathrow Airport, London Luton Airport, Luton and  Manchester.

One good thing about holidays in the UK is that nowhere is too far away so if you hire a motorhome or campervan you could, for instance, pop into Wales and explore the mountains and valleys or drive into Norfolk for some birdwatching or take in Exmoor and Dartmoor of the Scottish Highlands.

In the words of Del Boy, “The world is your lobster.”

Campervan or motorhome hire in the UK certainly beats camping or staying in a mobile home (static caravan) because you can stop on a whim, park up and stay the night though we highly recommend the security of a designated site.