If you want surfing holidays in Aquitaine then you are spoilt for choice! Dare you face those big Atlantic rollers powering down at you from The Bay of Biscay? The best surfing in Aquitaine is in Gironde in the north, Landes further south and the Pyrénées Atlantiques wherein lie Bayonne, Biarritz and the French/Spanish border in the Basque Country. The other two departments in this region are landlocked

With the exception of Lacanau in the Department of Gironde where the rollers can be enormous, surfing off the Aquitaine coastline gets better and better the further south you go and we believe that surfing in Aquitaine equals or is better than that of southern Portugal.

In fact we believe Aquitaine has the best surfing waves in Europe – particularly around Hossegor which is in the Landes Department of Aquitaine. Hossegor though can be a problem for the unwary novice as due to constantly shifting sandbars and large tidal ranges, the beach breaks around Hossegor can go from tricky mush to perfect peaks within the space of an hour.

Aquitaine has consistently good surf though which allows you to spend more time surfing and less time waiting around for the right conditions to surf, and the phenomenal length of coastline & choice of waves means you can find your own spot away from the crowds and to suit your particular level of expertise.

There are plenty of surf schools and hire centres for beginners here which means that you don’t need to be a pro to join in on the fun. Some offer ‘tandem surfing’ with the teacher joining you on your board until you get the hand of things.

For new experiences you can try a new discipline of surfing – long boarding, body boarding, short boarding, skim boarding, knee-boarding, stand-up paddle boarding, and on the great lakes of Landes, kite surfing, and wake-boarding.

If you are unable to surf standing up or feel a tad uneasy about doing so then we suggest you hire or buy a belly board. There are always some cheap covered polystyrene ones which will last your holidays out. In fact, they are cheap enough to give away which is what I do these days because at the age of 72 I have a job to balance standing up!

Beach near la Rive

Best surfing areas in Aquitaine (in our opinion) are:

Hossegor, Biscarrosse, Lacanau, Moliets Plage, la Graviere, Capbreton

But the surfing is good all down the Atlantic coast – and there are always tales of massive rollers near Biaritz!


Best surfing beaches in Aquitaine are:

Lacanau Ocean
Moliets Plage
le Penon
la Graviere